Artistic Integrity vs. Commercial Pressure: PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange’s Anthem ‘Don’t Tell Me What to Play


PJ Ferguson in collaboration with  The Tennessee Strange has released a new anthem titled “Don’t tell me what to play.”

The song, as PJ Ferguson himself explains, was born out of frustration during a hometown visit to Upstate New York. Facing pressure to conform to a commercial setlist that didn’t resonate with the audience, PJ felt compelled to make a stand.

In just 20 minutes, he crafted a powerful message that resonates with musicians worldwide. The blend of country, Americana, and rockabilly elements in the track adds depth to the narrative, showcasing PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange’s versatility and talent.
The lyrics reflect Ferguson’s personal experience of standing up against unreasonable demands from a venue manager. Despite the financial implications, PJ refused to compromise his artistic vision, delivering a performance that left a lasting impact on both himself and his audience.

Recorded at Battle Tapes Studio in Nashville, the track is a testament to the band’s dedication and passion for their craft. Released alongside a captivating music video, “Don’t Tell Me What to Play” has already amassed over 20,000 views on social media within its first 48 hours—a testament to its widespread appeal and relatability.

For PJ Ferguson, this song represents more than just a musical composition; it’s a declaration of independence for musicians everywhere. It’s a reminder that artistic expression should never be compromised for commercial gain and that staying true to oneself is the ultimate triumph in the face of adversity.

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