Alexander Nantschev releases his latest album entitled “Selves”


Alex discovered his first love for psychedelic music as a young boy, immersing himself in tracks like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “Within and Without You.” The Beatles played a crucial role in his brother’s record collection, while his father favored classical composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, and Schönberg. These distinct musical worlds were connected by a balcony, linking two apartments – one steeped in classical music and the other housing his brother’s studio, where experimental loops, beats, and samples were crafted.

To this day, Alex traverses this balcony between diverse musical styles, including baroque, classical, romantic, modern, contemporary, psychedelic, experimental, progressive, and dance-theatre. His latest album, “Selves,” comprises eight songs, each embodying a different alter ego – from the happy and the guru to the hippie, astronaut, romantic, classical composer, and rock star. Explaining the concept of multiple selves, Alexander Nantschev states that it sheds light on his biography and enhances his understanding of himself and his music in interactions with others. Viewing these different selves as individual parts of an orchestra playing a symphony, he emphasizes that a single self concept falls short, advocating for harmony among these layers to create a more enjoyable symphony.

Vienna-born violinist Alexander Nantschev engages in a crossover of musical styles, from baroque to contemporary. He founded the music-dance ensemble FeinSinn, known for the album “Tea On The Moon,” and is currently preparing release concerts for his latest album, “Selves,” under his label Crystalhorizon Records. His debut album, “Recital,” featured rare compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche, Petar Christoskov, and Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin. Over the past two decades, Alexander has focused on a diverse repertoire for violin and piano, collaborating with renowned figures and performing at prestigious festivals.

Passionate about yoga since childhood, he collaborated with Prof. Dora Schwarzberg, integrating the art of yoga and violin playing. With over 17 years of teaching experience, Alexander instills his passion for the magic of music in his students, leading them to win several awards at competitions like Prima La Musica. He spent two years in the tech staff of Troikatronix, contributing to the design of interactive video and light for performers and dancers, a significant aspect of his performances. Playing a Giuseppe Guadagnini violin from Cremona 1795, Alexander Nantschev’s musical journey continues to unfold across genres and artistic realms.

Listen to “Selves” on Spotify:

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