A Review of ‘Always Been’ by 23A: A Tribute to Hard Work and Madonna


“Always Been” is the latest song by 23A, a music group led by singer-songwriter AP Hello. AP Hello was born in Canada but now lives in America. The group, 23A, is named after a highway in Upstate New York. They are independent, meaning they create music on their own without a big music company.

“Always Been” is the final song from their second EP called “Shoulder,” which was released on May 31, 2024. An EP is like a mini-album with a few songs. This song is special because it pays tribute to the famous pop star Madonna. It talks about how hard it is to become successful in the entertainment world.

The lyrics of “Always Been” remind us that becoming a famous pop star like Madonna takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Many people see pop stars and think their lives are easy, but this song tells us that behind the fame, there is a lot of effort and dedication. The song has a strong and catchy beat that makes you want to dance.

The music video for “Always Been” is made from stock footage, which means it uses clips from different sources. This video is available for free on streaming platforms, so anyone can watch it.

AP Hello and 23A have created a song that not only sounds good but also has a meaningful message. It makes us appreciate the hard work that goes into becoming a successful artist. “Always Been” is a great example of how music can tell important stories and inspire people.

In summary, “Always Been” by 23A is a powerful and inspiring song. It honors Madonna’s hard work and reminds us that success in the entertainment world requires a lot of effort. The catchy beat and meaningful lyrics make it a song worth listening to. The music video, available for free, adds to the overall experience. 23A and AP Hello have done a great job with this release.




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